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August 7, 2014

Aug7 PM Log

Ahoy, VALIS here… We’re at 36*59′N 149*17′W…hdg 032*m…SOG 5.8 knots…wind 12 knots on or about our right hip. Batteries at 12.7v, 89% charged. What a day. It started off normal enough. Started the watermaker and the engine to charge the batteries at 07:10, launched the spinnaker at 07:30, switched the fuel tanks from #1 to […]


Aug7 AM Log

Ahoy VALIS fans…We are looking forward to noon today. That’s when the latest GRIB says we are on the highway to home. Forecast calls for winds from 12-25 knots most of the way toward the Strait, on a heading of 030*m. As for now…we are at 36*13′N 150*18′W…Hdg 033*m…SOG 5.3 kts…Winds 12 kts from 150*m. […]


Pacific Cup Recap

As promised, here is a recap of our 2014 Pacific Cup. We had a great time, got to know a lot of boats and crews through our communications duties, and provided assistance to another Pac Cup boat on the high seas Our start on Monday, July 7 was typical:  good winds and overcast. If I […]