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August 30, 2006

Hawaii 2006 Photos On The Web

I’ve finally got the Pacific Cup and return trip photos beaten into shape, and have put them up on the VALIS website. Here is the link: Best, Paul

August 28, 2006

Aug 13 – The Last Day

Our last day of the voyage home saw VALIS sailing at good speed under patchy clouds and fresh winds. The evening of Aug 12 was cool, and as the sun set, we sailed through a patch of phosphorescent water. This wasn’t the individual pea-sized glowing creatures that we typically see, but instead the water itself […]

August 15, 2006

Return to San Francisco – Trackfile

Here is a unified trackfile for our voyage from Oahu to San Francisco. I have made a few changes to the format (which I hope are improvements). -Paul HitoSF.kmz

August 13, 2006

Aug 13 – VALIS Arrives in Sausalito

VALIS arrived safely in Sausalito around 3:30PM Sunday, August 13, after a nineteen-day passage from Kaneohe Bay. As we pulled into our slip we were met by friends and family, and toasted to our coming home safely with some very good champagne. Before going our separate ways we all had dinner at the Spinnaker restaurant […]

August 12, 2006

Aug 12 — VALIS Home Tomorrow

We have less than 200 miles to go before we tie up in Sausalito, so every indication is that VALIS will be back in her slip on Sunday afternoon or early evening. We have had strong winds and fairly high seas and we continue to charge along towards San Francisco. Our run yesterday (midnight to […]

August 11, 2006

Aug 11 – Sailing Fast

Greetings from VALIS, making excellent speed towards San Francisco. We are currently (Aug 11, 1:30 PM PDT) at latitude 38deg 57min N, longitude 130deg 10min N. This is 368 nautical miles from the Golden Gate, and about the latitude of Point Arena. Our speed is 7+ knots and we are sailing 100deg true. Wind is […]

August 10, 2006

Aug 10 – Northerlies Found!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we were sailing gently downwind, waiting for the wind to swing around and come from the north. Well, in the afternoon it started to swing and within a couple of hours we had our full-blown northerlies. We started with all plain sails flying (main, staysail, genoa), and as […]

August 9, 2006

August 9, 2006

Good afternoon from VALIS, about 685 miles from San Francisco. Our current position (Aug 9, 1:45 PM PDT) is latitude 39deg 59min N, longitude 136deg 54min W — notice that we have once again (and finally, we hope) gone south of 40deg latitude, and are on a good course for home. We are sailing at […]


Sailing Home Photo

This taken as VALIS sails towards the Golden Gate, on the morning of August 9.

August 8, 2006

August 8 — Waiting for the Northerlies

Greetings from VALIS this Tuesday, August 8. Our position as of 1:20PM PDT is: Latitude 40deg 25min N, Longitude 140deg 17min W. We are sailing 085degrees true at 6.4 knots. Winds are from the west at 13 knots. Seas are from the west at 3 feet. Yesterday afternoon we decided to run “wing and wing”, […]