Aug7 AM Log

Ahoy VALIS fans…We are looking forward to noon today. That’s when the latest GRIB says we are on the highway to home. Forecast calls for winds from 12-25 knots most of the way toward the Strait, on a heading of 030*m.
As for now…we are at 36*13′N 150*18′W…Hdg 033*m…SOG 5.3 kts…Winds 12 kts from 150*m.
We are 1407 nm from the Strait. CMG since 18:00 last night is 66 nm.
Large thunder heads to the NW are probably sucking the energy out of our part of the ocean. Once they pass we expect good winds to return. We tried sailing on a beam to broad reach on stbd tack last night. Winds stopped cooperating. Sailed most of the evening to now with the genoa poled out on the stbd side sailing wing and wing. As soon as the crew has their morning coffee we’ll be relaunching the 1.5 oz spinnaker.
The watermaker is doing it’s thing as this log entry is being written. We will be switching to the auxillary fuel tank during battery charging this morning to check for contamination in the fuel line. We don’t expect any, but as the wise one says, “better to find out now instead of when you really need it.”
All else is good. Erik made chicken fajitas with the makings prepped by Lin…very tasty. Sylvain is right now making oatmeal for everybody.
Today’s puzzle: The gate to Heaven has a guardian who always tells the truth. The gate to Hell has a guardian who always lies. You can ask only one question to determine which gate is which. What question would you ask?
Good luck…
s/v VALIS, out…

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  1. Viking says:

    Ahoy Valis,
    Try this one Paul >>
    “If I were to ask you IF this (Pointing to Heaven) is the Right way to Heaven, would you say Yes ? ” (Theoretically, no matter which Gate it is, or whom Guards the Gate, the wording of this Question hopefully YIELDs the Correct Answer, by default. Another Version of this involves only One Gate, unknown who is Guarding it). The Liar will Lie about Lying, thus provides you the Answer you need to make the Right Decision. In the Case of Vladimir Putin, you can never determine IF he’s Lying or telling the Truth at any given Time or Day. Looks like you’re Clear of the Outer Bands of Hurricane Julio- on course slightly more Northerly of the Islands.. Cheers to Valis.. : ) Viking Divers

  2. admin says:

    Hi, this is Paul — I’m not on VALIS this time, and it’s the first return trip that I’ve missed. The return crew is Rich, Jim, Erik, and Sylvain.

    MY answer was the standard “Which gate would the other guy tell me leads to heaven?” You then take the opposite gate.

    My wife suggested asking “What’s 1 + 1?” Wow. It can’t get any simpler than that.

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