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August 11, 2014

Aug11 PM Log

Batts @ 12.50v, 72% charged…fuel on board, 12 gals in #2 tank, 72 gals in #1 tank, 30 gals in gerry cans for a total of 114 gals of fuel for battery charging and motorsailing. We are 645 nm from the Strait…we’ve made 82 nm since 0600 this morning and 168 nm for the last […]


Aug11 AM Log

Batts 12.70v, 73% charged Position 42*58′N 138*27′W…Hdg 045*m…SOG 7.5 knots…winds 18 kts from 233*m…sea state moderate, trailing and a heck of a lot better than most of the night. We are 727 nm from the Strait. Made 86 nm since 1800 last night and 177 nm for the past 24 hrs. Some kind of ugly […]