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June 29, 2008

Pacific Cup VALIS Fishing Challenge

As announced on the Sailing Anarchy site, VALIS is throwing down the gauntlet: We hereby challenge any and all of the Pac Cup fleet to a fishing contest. The winning fish will be determined by length (or the longest dimension: for example, octopi may be measured arm-to-arm), not weight, and must be documented by photograph […]

June 19, 2008

Crew Update

There has been a crew change aboard VALIS. I was disappointed to learn that my good friend Daniel Terhune will not be able to race to Hawaii with us this time, due to family commitments. Fortunately, we have a great new crewmember: His name is Steve Hill, he lives in San Rafael, is a member […]

June 11, 2008

Bounty Update

This afternoon we took a ride out to Bodega Bay to see the Bounty. We stopped at Doran Beach State Park, which has one side on Bodega Harbor and the Coast Guard station there, and the other side is a long sandy beach out to Bodega Bay and the Ocean. Bodega Harbor is at the […]


Fun With AIS

My wife and I were driving south from Jenner towards Bodega Bay on Monday afternoon, and we saw a beautiful tall ship motoring up the coast in some pretty uncomfortable conditions. The 108 ft Bounty Winds (at the Bodega Bay buoy) were in the low to mid 30-kts, and the swells were about 10 ft. […]