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June 21, 2014

More photos from the Friday Harbor to San Francisco delivery

More photos from the Friday Harbor to San Francisco delivery: Jim’s: Lee’s:

June 16, 2014

The Friday Harbor to San Francisco Delivery in Pictures

Here are some photos from our trip down the coast to San Francisco. We had a great time, with a little excitement thrown in. We left Friday Harbor around 10:00 AM on Sunday, June 1, sailed well over 800 nautical miles, and arrived in Sausalito at 5:30 AM Saturday, June 7 — slightly under six […]

June 7, 2014

June 7, VALIS is in Sausalito

VALIS tied up in our Sausalito slip at 5:30 AM, all hands accounted for. Details to follow! Regards, Paul / VALIS

June 6, 2014

Almost There

We are on our final approach to the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, there may be some tacks and jibes along the way, but we’re pointing at the Bridge, about 50 miles off. We had a great run all day, and jibed over to a beam reach that will take us between Cordell Bank and Rittenberg […]


Friday Morning Aboard VALIS

It’s 10:00 AM Friday Morning, and we are just south of Point Arena! The winds are *light*. We are about 20 miles west of the Pt. Arena light, are sailing at 4kts on a course of 170 deg mag. We had to do some motoring just to get here, running the engine for almost two […]

June 5, 2014

Thursday Night

Good evening from Chez VALIS. Tonight’s dinner menu started with a crisp and spicy Mexican Salad, followed by a Chili main course. The meal was completed with Peanut Butter Slices for desert. A hearty meal for a hearty crew! But it wasn’t all fine dining aboard VALIS. Today we passed Cape Mendocino and Punta Gorda. […]


8:30 AM Thursday Morning

It’s a cheerful and sunny morning at sea! We are about 20 miles offshore, between Trinidad Head and Eureka. We are aiming for Cape Mendocino and should pass in about 8 hours. I forgot to mention last night’s radio Test Net. I had good conversations with Elizabeth Ann in Brookings OR, and Scaramouche, near Victoria […]

June 4, 2014

Wednesday Night Aboard VALIS

Greetings from California! We just sailed past Pt. St. George (near Crescent City) and have entered California waters. It’s been a rip-roarin’ day, with high wind and seas as we passed Cape Blanco (Oregon) this morning. We were about 50 miles offshore and the wind, instead of the predicted 25-30 kts, was well over 40. […]


Wednesday Morning

Good morning! VALIS is sailing well, and all are in good spirits (or asleep). At 8:55AM PDT our position is: Lat 43d 28.6m N, Lon 124d 38.1m W. We are sailing at about 7.5 kts on a course of 175 deg mag. Early this morning we had come as close to land as we wanted […]

June 3, 2014

Tuesday Evening Report

Good evening from VALIS. We’ve had a great day of sailing, and the crew is feeling good. We have decided that rather than sail offshore 50-100 miles as originally planned, the near-shore weather will be much more comfortable as we sail to San Francisco. So, at 10:15 AM we jibed and are now sailing a […]