Aug7 PM Log

Ahoy, VALIS here…
We’re at 36*59′N 149*17′W…hdg 032*m…SOG 5.8 knots…wind 12 knots on or about our right hip.
Batteries at 12.7v, 89% charged.
What a day. It started off normal enough. Started the watermaker and the engine to charge the batteries at 07:10, launched the spinnaker at 07:30, switched the fuel tanks from #1 to #2 at 08:10…then…after running for awhile the engine shut down. We thought it was the fuel supply from tank #2. Changed all the fuel filters, primed the system, did this and that all morning, no luck. Ever hear of Occam’s(sp?) Razor? The simplest thing is usually the thing? We we found the #2 fuel line valve in the off position at the tank under the port settee cushion. Opened that, and…”Bob’s your uncle!” :-)
After spending the morning on an engine and fuel system learning experience, we now have a full water supply, charged batteries, full tummies (deli sandwiches for lunch, salad and pasta for dinner) and now we are settling into our night time routine with a slight change. We flipped the watch sked to help crew with sleep and with sunset and sunrise sextant sightings.
Weather continues in the near perfect realm. Cooler, but very sunny and nothing on the horizon suggests change. We did have a little bit of lightning far off to the NE last night, but that about it We’re moving along nicely right now and will keep the spinnaker up as long as things stay as is. First sign of change and the kite will come down in favor of white sails or motoring if we don’t like the winds.
That’s all for now,
VALIS, out…

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