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September 7, 2010

Pac Cup 2010 Return, Pac Cup 2008 Videos

Here is our return track from Kaneohe Bay to San Francisco. If you download the Google Earth .kmz file (VALIS – Pac Cup Return 2010.kmz) you can see the hourly conditions we were experiencing. Also, at long last I have finally completed the videos for the 2008 Pac Cup: Race Video: Return Video: […]


Temerity Wins Santa Cruz Windjammers Race

Congratulations to VALIS 2010 crewmember David Nabors, on his impressive win in the Windjammers race from San Francisco to Santa Cruz!  His boat Temerity won first in division, and the Santa Cruz Cup, for the first to finish (boats with PHRF > 72). David and Crew With Santa Cruz Cup See David’s blog for more: […]