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August 10, 2014

Aug10 PM Log

Batts at 12.60v, 78% charged VALIS is at 42*30′N 140*27′W…Hdg 058*m…SOG 8.1 knots…Winds 21 knots from 115*m…Sea state very confused but nothing VALIS can’t handle. Swell mostly off the stbd quarter. Wind wave from everywhere. Gybe point in approx. 7 hours according to the latest GRIB, which for now has us running pretty much along […]


Aug10 AM Log

Ahoy VALIS fans… It’s been a lumpy, rocking and rolling last 12 hours. The winds have been steady in the 25 knot range, but the ocean is anything but steady. Waves this way and that…not big, just confused. Actually more than confused, crazy would be a more apt description. But the boat and the crew […]