Aug11 PM Log

Batts @ 12.50v, 72% charged…fuel on board, 12 gals in #2 tank, 72 gals in #1 tank, 30 gals in gerry cans for a total of 114 gals of fuel for battery charging and motorsailing.
We are 645 nm from the Strait…we’ve made 82 nm since 0600 this morning and 168 nm for the last 24 hours.
Position at present is 43*42′N 136*47′W…Hdg 045*m…SOG 7 knots…winds 21 knots from the NW, seas moderate with swells from the port quarter…sailing on a beam reach sliding off the waves.
Sunny skies mostly today. Good opportunity to dry out our gear after the wet night and early morning on VALIS. All good. Crew rested. Chili and chips for dinner. Gourmet chocolate for dessert.
Some tonnage passed our way today, but nothing close.
We haven’t talked much about the marine debris survey since the floating ball island was encountered a week ago. Nothing to say about the survey because we are encountering very little debris. Plenty of vellela though.
Also, not much has been said about one of the crew having trouble sleeping. He could seem to get comfy in his sleep sack. Turns out he had it going sideways in his sleep area. He was wondering why his banky was so wide, but so very short ;-)
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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