Aug10 PM Log

Batts at 12.60v, 78% charged VALIS is at 42*30′N 140*27′W…Hdg 058*m…SOG 8.1 knots…Winds 21 knots from 115*m…Sea state very confused but nothing VALIS can’t handle. Swell mostly off the stbd quarter. Wind wave from everywhere. Gybe point in approx. 7 hours according to the latest GRIB, which for now has us running pretty much along the great circle line in a couple days.
We are 813 nm from the entrance to the Strait. That’s 81 nm since today’s AM report and 157 nm for the past 24 hours.
Not much has changed since the AM report, except things have gotten more stormy-like. Very confused and rough sea state…100% overcast…lots of water splashing into the cockpit. Nothing VALIS hasn’t seen before and handled well. Genoa and main double reefed. Crew in foulies. Now we are really sailing.
Fantastic brunch today…Sylvain made eggs benedict. Wait until you see the photos. For dinner, Erik whipped up a mashed potato surprise…yummy.
Getting ready for an interesting next few days, with winds up and down and perhaps some motoring here and there. That’s otay…we have 6 full gerry cans on board, a full #1 fuel tank and the #2 tank is 7/8 full…Paul, remind us, how much fuel does the #1 and #2 tanks hold? :-)
Lots of shipping traffic out here now. Several ship in our neighborhood today. None closer than 6.5 nm. They come from the NW and SE and are traveling mostly to and from Central America and Asia (Hong Kong, Korea, etc.).
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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