Tuesday Evening Report

Good evening from VALIS. We’ve had a great day of sailing, and the crew is feeling good. We have decided that rather than sail offshore 50-100 miles as originally planned, the near-shore weather will be much more comfortable as we sail to San Francisco. So, at 10:15 AM we jibed and are now sailing a course of 110 degrees magnetic, which points us at Florence, Oregon. We plan to hug stay about ten miles offshore, following the “crab-pot free” tug channel. This may put us in range of some AIS receivers, so you might see us on marinetraffic.com, etc. Or, you might not. Coverage is very spotty.
Our current position (at 7:45 PM) is 44d 39.6m N, 125d 13.3m W. Speed is about 6 kts, and our Course Over Ground is 110 degrees magnetic. Wind is 15 kts from the NW.
Rich made dinner again: salad, and spaghetti with steak sauce. Very nice.
p.s. – the 8:00 PM radio schedule was more successful: we talked with Nomadness in Friday Harbor (good friend Steve Roberts), and the Pac Cup boat Por Favor, in Sydney BC. We had noisy but readable contacts on channel 4A, but no contact on 8A.
Regards, Paul / VALIS

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  1. Anne says:

    Good evening from Victoria! Nice to see great progress again today. And good to know that you are doing well. Haven’t seen you on AIS since Sunday night but seeing lots of other boats that are on the same track you are following. Hoping you have a good night!
    Hugs to all,

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