Friday Morning Aboard VALIS

It’s 10:00 AM Friday Morning, and we are just south of Point Arena! The winds are *light*. We are about 20 miles west of the Pt. Arena light, are sailing at 4kts on a course of 170 deg mag. We had to do some motoring just to get here, running the engine for almost two hours. Now, we hope the wind will pick up and let us sail south, turning east after Pt. Reyes. There is/will be a region of dead air inshore that we want to avoid.
Just now the wind has given us what we were expecting: 15 kts! we are now sailing 162 deg @ 5.5 kts. Much better.
Last night we jibed in and out, avoiding the strong winds offshore, and the light winds inshore. As sunrise approached the wind got even lighter and we were ultimately forced to motor. We have enough fuel to just motor directly to San Francisco, but we don’t want to do that. Motoring will probably be necessary for the final 30 miles or so. We have about 120 miles to go before we arrive in Sausalito, I expect us to arrive tomorrow.
Radio Check Net: nothing heard.
Regards, Paul / VALIS

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