Aug12 AM Log

Ahoy VALIS fans…
Another rocking and rolling night on a close reach. We continue to fight the push south and it looks like we might win it. Our mark at the Strait has a bearing of 037*m and our target heading is 030-035*m. Reaching Friday Harbor by Friday is looking more and more doable…especially if VALIS stays on HST. PDT puts us in at close to midnight at our current course and speed.
The new GRIB shows us in double digit winds until we are within spitting distance of the Strait. So needless to say, our speed from here on out will be at least 5 knots to the Strait and at least 5 knots plus or minus what the currents give us going down the Strait.
No shipping lately, but we will be turning on the chartplotter when we hit the 100 nm mile mark as things will get busy shipping and fish boat wise as well as navigating shipping lanes, marks and channels.
Today we start housekeeping, although VALIS is pretty ship-ship. We are a tidy bunch of tired sailors longing for the shade of a big tree, plus wine, beer, coffee and bacon.
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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