Aug13 PM Log

Ahoy VALIS fans…Big Whoops on the AM Log. It was dated Aug12 instead of Aug13…sorry.
Batts 12.75v, 91% charged… We are at 46*04′N 129*46′W…hdg 029*m…SOG 7 knots…winds 15 knots from 258*m…sea calm to moderate with swell still on our beam mostly.
Fun day of sailing. Still grabbing as much north as we can above the rhumb line to Buoy 2D at the entrance to the Strait of Juan De Fuca…currently 247 nm dead ahead. Friday Harbor is 311 nm away.
Some interesting news today.
We passed the NOAA ship, Ronald H Brown (of “Brownie’s doing a great job” fame during Hurricane Katrina). They are on station with scientists from Woods Hole doing research on the volcano at 45*55′N 129*59′W. When contacted, the NOAA person said they had a submersible down doing live video viewable on the NOAA site. VALIS passed them 4.5 nm off starboard. We were at 45*59′ 130*02′.
In other news, we have gotten daily emails from Back Bay, another Bac Cup boat not able to check-in via SSB each night. Their latest position as of 1700 HST was 46*32′N 130*27′W. VALIS’ position at the same time was 46*01′N 129*50′W. Like they say, it only takes two boats for a race ;-)
For breakfast, we had orange juice, scrambled eggs with hash browns and corned beef hash. For dinner, we had chicken fajitas, with assorted chocolates for dessert.
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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