Aug12 PM Log

Attention, Attention! Mia Culpa coming…
There’s been a data entry error on VALIS. All previous reports of miles to the Strait of Juan De Fuca are inccorrect. Those are miles to Friday Harbor.
The real numbers this evening are 414 nm to the Strait, 478 nm to F.H. Friday Harbor on Friday? Maybe :-)
So, maybe people need to change there plans a little if they want to catch dock lines at Friday Harbor. A little bird has told us there will be plenty of water for VALIS to pull up to here own dock at home.
Batts @ 12.95v, 87% charged VALIS is at 44*38′N 133*07′W…Heading 040 and fighting the push south…SOG 7.5 knots…winds 25 knots from 264*m…seas continue as they have been, moderate with swell on the beam.
We had pineapple pancakes for breakfast. The bad news there is the #3 spork broke while cutting a skillet sized pancake…that was at 10:30.
At 12:30, Jim hand-lined in an albacore tuna. Erik landed it with the net. Sylvain administered the vodka cocktail and did the work with the knife. Crew had delicious baked tuna steaks with lemon-dill sauce accompanied by a cabbage salad with carrots, cherry tomatoes, crushed corn chips and bacon ranch dressing. Pink popcorn for dessert. We are bring 4 fresh tuna steaks home for everyone to enjoy.
It should be noted that both our Mahi mahi and tuna were caught with a piece of wood with a hook attached known as a cedar plug.
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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