Aug12 AM Log

Batts at 12.60v, 81% charged Current position 44*07′N 134*49′W…Heading 047*m, SOG 7.0 knots, wind 19 knots on the beam from 270*m, seas moderate with 6-8′ swell on the beam.
We did 88 nm since 1800 last night, and 170 nm for the past 24 hours. A few more days like that, light patches (one in 24 hours) notwithstanding and we’ll reach Neah Bay on Friday, Friday Harbor on Saturday. Hey, wait a minute…shouldn’t we be reaching Friday Harbor on Friday? Start the betting pool!
We did have a pretty zippy night reaching. Sort of on the slant a bit more than usual because of the swell on the beam instead of the port quarter. Cockpit stayed dry for the crew. Sky was 50% full of puffy white clouds and the moon was shinning bright the whole time so meteor watching was not so hot.
Cross your fingers and hope the weather forecast continues to swing our way. We don’t mind 10 knot winds on the beam but less than than and we’ll be deploying the iron genny.
BTW, the cross wise sleep sack was not, repeat not, in the V-birth :-)
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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