Aug9 AM Log

Batts 12.35v, 61% charged VALIS @ 39*50′N 144*58′W…Hdg 037*m…SOG 7.5 knots…winds 19 knots @ 160*m Sailing wing and wing with a reef in both the main and genoa Following seas with4-6′ swells topped with 1-2′ wind waves.
The VALIS crew partied hardy last night. Half way point was reached at 19:45. The festivities began with a solo by Tiki Drummer, followed by gift-giving and then a toast. The gifts included Chuck Wagon Surprise fudge for the crew, plus a special re-gifting to the Sylvain and Erik who crew on a boat called Raven back home. The regifting was a special tin of Edgar Allen Poe bandages with the sayng “Quoth the Raven, sores no more!” on the label. Oh, and what’s Chuck Wagon Surprise fudge, you ask? Well, it beer, bacon and Spam flavored of course.
We did 91 nm since 1800 last night. That makes it 183 nm for the past 24 hours. We are moving. But we are being cautious. Threw a reef in the main @ 0300 this morning when the winds remained consistent around the 23-27 knot range.
BTW, thank you Paul for the info about the moon phase and upcoming meteor shower(s).
Right now, at a point in the early morning hours, the moon is directly aft of VALIS on our current heading. It’s like a big truck tailgating us with its high beams on.
Got a pretty good sprinkling of rain for about 5 minutes this morning. Salt mostly gone from the deck now.
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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