Aug9 PM Log

Batts 12.65 v @ 83% charged…ran engine for 2 hours off tank #2 (5 hours total) Position is 40*53′N 143*28′W…Hdg 032*m…SOG 7.8 knots…winds 24 knots from 147*m 980 nm from the Strait of Juan De Fuca…96 nm since 0600 this AM…another 187 nm for 24 hours. (Can that be right? Yep, double checked the math ;-)
Not all is peachy on the good ship VALIS. At 11:37, Erik and the helmsman (guess who) got nuked by a sneaker wave slamming the stbd quarter of the boat. But then at 12:00, Sylvain served nachos and chicken wraps that were delicioso. The winds have been from 20-30 knots all day. We put a second reef in the genoa at 16:30 and will be putting a second reef in the main as soon as this log is sent off. Seas are still following but confused and the swell has increased to 6-8′ with wind waves still around 1-2′.
Spent time telling jokes and planning menus in the cockpit. Erik day-bood his new bib foulies…very nice. Jim has donned his bibs and boots. We think it’s getting to be that time. Weather still nice, but much cooler and the cloud cover is now at about 50%. Hopefully we’ll get clear skies for the meteor shower and super moon.
VALIS is rolling right along. One late breaking development…a vessel 24 nm off our port bow is expected to cross our bow within 2 nm at present courses and speed. We will contact the other vessel via VHF to make sure we know each others intentions. It’s doing 11 knots. We’re guessing it’s a return Vic Maui boat.
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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