Aug8 PM Log

1168 nm to the Strait of Juan De Fuca for the sailing vessel VALIS. That puts us 13 nm from what we consider our halfway point. Party time in few hours.
Get this race fans…VALIS made 96, yes 96 nm since 0600 this morning. That adds up to 163 nm for the past 24 hours. We are zooming along in 15-20 knots of wind under spinnaker, clear skies and following seas having an easy time of it sail like we stole the boat ;-)
Right now, VALIS is at 38*50′N 146*30′W..heading 030*m…SOG 8.9 knots…winds 18 knots @167*m
We’ve had a lot of fun sailing fast today. Tonight we have the headsail poled out to the first reef point and are sailing wing and wing at a mere 7.5-8 knots, mostly.
Chop suey for dinner. Deli sandwiches continue on the lunch menu. Our Copernicus-like crew, Sylvain, is going to do his sextant work without a calculator tonight. I remain vexed by the logic puzzlehe gave to me a few days ago. Erik has been sucked into the challenge. Jim somehow has remained a safe distance from the vexation. All I can say is Sylvain may know math, but I knew Lou Thez.
News on the evening check-in…Humdinger hit part of a floating dock at 36*15′N 147*31′W…no apparent damage. And Tiki Blue sailed into a large debris field and had to spend part of the day at 38*00′N 140*35′W cutting away net and lines from the keel and rudder. And then there’s Swazick…landed 3 glass floats today…one for each crew.
That is all,
VALIS, out…

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