Aug8 AM Log

VALIS is 1263 nm from the Strait of Juan De Fuca. We have covered 63 nm since 1800 last night, and 140 nm since this time yesterday morning.
We are currently at 37*44′N 148*03′W on a heading of 036*m, doing 7 knots in 16 knots of wind from 153*m.
Battery status is 12.50v, 66% charged.
We sailed under spinnaker all night. Perfect sailing conditions. Winds stayed in double digits, wandering from DDW to a broad reach. The sea state is calm, skies clear except for one little squall that misted us for about 5 minutes and moved the salt crystals around on the deck a bit. The crew is rested, looking forward to an uneventful day. Sylvain’s sextant work is progressing nicely. His last reading was within 1.3 miles of our actual position. Today, I think we’ll hide his calculator so he has to do everything by hand.
Today looks like a good day to catch up on our reading.
Took a look at the new GRIB. Looks like we have a new gybe mark set for about 5 days from now. Fun weather ahead to navigate. For now we continue on our straight shot on a heading of 035*-040*m.
That is all,
VALIS, out…

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