157 Miles to Kaneohe

VALIS keeps rolling along! Today we added two more hours to our lead, and we are very pleased. The blue spinnaker was up all night, and remains flying now. Last night we had starry skies, with a nearly-half moon over Hawaii, giving us a sparkling path to our finish. There were no big squalls overhead, although we sailed under the edges of some small ones. It was a fast and easy night, and several of us commented that this was sailing at its best. This is truly a glorious experience.
We’ve been out in the cockpit all morning, talking about politics, religion, etc — all the things that aren’t to be discussed in polite society. At this point we don’t care much about that “polite society” stuff.
Of course we also discuss the race, our strategy, and what our competitors are likely to do. One boat (in another division) broke their boom last night, and they have withdrawn from the race. Their crew is fine, but they are now motorsailing towards Kaneohe with their storm trisail (a small mainsail that does not require a boom). So, it’s good to remember that this race isn’t over until we cross that line. It’s going to be tough to find the will to get some sleep, but we need to maintain that discipline so we aren’t completely worn out for our final maneuvers.
A quick lunch of re-heated pork-fried rice is in the oven. Dinner remains a mystery.
Aloha, Paul / VALIS

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