VALIS Finishes, We’re Division A #1

No, we didn’t stray into the Kaneohe Marine Base restricted area and be used for target practice. We actually crossed the finish line and are now tied up at the beautiful Kaneohe Yacht Club marina.
I will post photos and more commentary soon, but we spent the next 24 hours on pins and needles as Cassiopeia and No Strings Attached picked up their pace and came screaming towards the line (remember, VALIS needed to beat Cassiopeia by over a day to stay on top of the scorecard). It was close — close enough to make me question I had slowed us down for “prudence”, but they just couldn’t quite get over the line in time to upset us. No Strings also finished, and other boats are still on the way, but we are mathematically guaranteed the top spot.
The crew is obviously very pleased with our come-from-behind victory, and they have earned it.
Today we will be greeting other boats and friends as they come in, and attending the big pig-roast and luau. Tomorrow will be spent getting VALIS prepared for the return trip (Rich and Paul Carson have been busy with this since we arrived), and Friday is the Awards Ceremony.
I’ve got to run now, but thanks to everyone who was following along on the VALIS 2012 Pacific Cup Saga! I will be blogging during our return passage / marine debris research expedition (more on that later).
Aloha, Paul / VALIS

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