299 Miles to Kaneohe

Another beautiful day of sailing here on VALIS. We added a few miles to our division lead, and have been sailing under spinnaker since morning. Last night was a little boisterous and wet, but since sunrise we’ve had nothing but blue sky and flying fish. We’ve continued to sail at our good pace, and of course hope to continue this through the night.
Today was another personal clean-up day, a catch up on sleep day, and a change into shorts and t-shirt day. For lunch, firefighter/golfer/gourmet chef Dick made smoked salmon quesadillas, and we had lasagna with cabbage salad for dinner. Jokes, silly songs, fine cinema, and literature we the topics of the day.
This morning Dick set out the fishing line with the ever-popular cedar plug lure, and within a few minutes we had a fish on the hook. The good news is that nobody had to clean it, since it shook the hook before we could land it. We didn’t get a good look at the scaly monster, but we all agreed it must have been record-worthy.
While unexpected light winds could slow us down, it seems that a Monday finish is likely.
At 8:30 PM PDT our position is 24d 28m N, 153d 28m W. Speed is 7.5 kts @ 230 deg magnetic.
Best to all, Paul / VALIS

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