472 Miles to Go!

Another glorious day of sailing here aboard VALIS. We are currently under blue skies with the sun low in the west and sparkling on the tradewinds swells. The wind is moderate and we are flying our big blue spinnaker, sailing towards Hawaii. We’ve finished our in-the-cockpit dinner of salad and BBQ ribs and chicken. Quite a few chicken jokes were told, but few were fit for this blog. OK, here’s one: Why did the chicken cross the Pacific? Because it was in VALIS’ freezer!
As of this morning’s roll call, we are now first in division! Our plan is now to try and extend our lead without doing anything stupid.
We are definitely in the tradewinds now. Last night we experienced the typical squall pattern: gentle at sunset, and getting a little stronger with each one until just before sunrise. There’s definitely wind and rain in these clouds. By the end of the night we had progressed from big spinnaker, to the smaller shy kite, and finally to white sails. With each squall the wind can shift dramatically, and in their wake the wind can drop to practically nothing. The light air can become pretty tiresome, but eventually the regular tradewinds return.
I understand that our tracker is again becoming intermittent. Don’t be concerned, we are fine and moving right along.
Aloha, Paul / VALIS

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