Saturday, August 7

3:15PM PDT Position: 40-11N, 145-447W SOG: 6 kts, COG: 070 degrees magnetic
Last night we were sailing smoothly towards the east, with light but usable winds and seas pushing us along at six knots or so. There were occasional interludes where the wind dropped and shifted, and Rich stood watch through a very thorough rain-washing, but we were making decent time towards San Francisco.
When the sun came up we were still moving well, but the wind has been steadily dropping throughout the day. By 2:30PM it had finally fallen below eight knots, and the sails were mostly flapping uselessly. Our boat speed was usually below four knots, and it was time to do something.
So, we dropped the pole that had been holding out the Genoa, and furled the big headsail. The main was centered, we checked for lines in the water, and started the engine. From the forecasts, we may be motoring for a couple of days, but we will remain on the lookout for favorable winds.
Dick is trying to catch our dinner using the never-fail cedar plug lure, the sun is out, and the day is beautiful. Not too bad at all!
By the way, yesterday at about 5:30 PM we crossed the (new) halfway point: 40-12N, 148-32W, 1218 miles from Kaneohe, 1218 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge. The champagne cork was popped, speeches made, Neptune was given his offering of bubbly, and Rich opened and shared the contents of his halfway box (thanks, Edie!). We wrote a message commemorating our milestone, put it in the champagne bottle, and cast it into the sea.
Paul / VALIS

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