Heading for San Francisco

That uncooperative Pacific High is making trouble again. What the long-range forecasts had shown as a workable route to Puget Sound has now turned into an inpenetrable roadblock. The new (and now presumably more accurate) forecast has the High sliding right over our track, then giving us headwinds after that. We could of course eventually work our way up north, but it would take many extra days and not be particularly pleasant.
On the other hand, the route to San Francisco from our current position isn’t too bad now. Light winds are forecast, and some wind forward of the beam, but all in all it’s quite workable. So that’s where we’re going, and it will take some pretty strange weather developments to send us anywhere else.
This means that our halfway point is still about 15 miles in front of us. Perfect timing for an afternoon halfway party!
Paul / VALIS 40-09 N, 148-58 W

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