Sunday, August 8 – Canned Chicken

Sunday, August 8, 11:36 PDT Position: 40-05N, 143-23W Wind: less than 5 kts Motoring, 5.5 kts @ 065 degrees magnetic.
So, yesterday we were motoring, and hoping for some wind. We didn’t have to wait long, because after 2-1/2 hours of diesel time the wind picked up a bit and we hoisted the genoa. Boatspeed was about five knots, and it’s much more pleasant to be sailing.
Dick still hadn’t caught us our dinner, so instead Carl prepared some very tasty chicken burritos (using the fabled canned chicken) and spanish rice.
About four hours of sailing was all we got though. By 9:00PM the wind had dropped again and we cranked up the engine again. It was a noisy night, but at least we were heading for home.
The evening was very nice, with stars and clouds, and one ship passing by on the horizon. During previous nights we have had some spectacular meteors streak across the sky, and there were several big ones last night. There was a dark line of clouds to the north, probably part of the cold front shown on our weather charts, and in the early AM hours this moved down on top of us. There was a little rain, but not enough wind to matter.
Sunrise revealed thinly-overcast skies and clouds, and a calm sea. Still motoring.
At 7:30AM the wind picked up abruptly, and we again killed the engine and hoisted the genoa. Ten to fifteen knot winds were driving us at good speed, if a little south of our goal.
At 8:30 AM the Tiki God became quite agitated, banging his skull-drums and playing the song that we all know so well. We had crossed the 1000-mile barrier! We had 999 miles to go before reaching the Golden Gate Bridge. Trust me, this feels like a big deal to the crew of VALIS.
The wind wasn’t fated to last though, and at 11:00AM it vanished as quickly as it had arrived. We are once again motoring. We are aiming very slightly north, for a better wind angle during the last phase of our San Francisco approach. Our fuel consumption is looking good, and we have plenty left for later.
The fishing line is back in the water, and we remain optimistic that we will be having a delicious fish dinner.
Paul / VALIS

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