July 8 – Morning Report

Greetings from VALIS! Time:12:00 Noon PDT Position: 37d 55m N, 126d 34m W (about 195 miles due west of the Golden Gate Bridge) Speed: 1 kt, Course: 287d magnetic Wind less than 2 kts from the north
As you might guess from the above data, we’re just bobbing around out here, waiting for the wind to fill in from the north as predicted. We’ve got two other racers in view, our guess from the morning position report is that they are the Doublehander Nozomi, and Division B’s Tiki J. This is just a guess, though.
Early this morning the on-watch crew was greeted by a whale stopping by for a visit. It was first seen swimming towards the boat, its fin slicing menacingly through the water, on a direct collision course. At the last minute it dove and presumaby went under the boat. Pictures were taken.
The morning radio roll-call was uneventful, although “Sea Reign” reported that they are retiring from the race due to schedule issues. This is going to be a long race!
The sky is overcast, and the temperature is much warmer now. We’re still wearing foulies and warm layers,but perhaps not as much.
Once we get enough wind to actually sail, we’re going to be pointing towards Hawaii!
-Paul / VALIS

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