Waiting for the Wind, and a Visit From Tiki J

We’re stuck here, in pretty much the same place we were at our last report. The wind we had essentially shut itself off, and we’ve been ghosting along at less than one knot. The usual knotmeter reading is 0.00 KTS, and exclamations of joy and amazement are heard when the display shows anything besides zeroes. The forecast for our location at this time claim we are in 15kts of wind from the north. These predictions come from the most powerful computers on the planet, so this must merely be a misunderstanding of some sort.
We’ve been taking advantage of the glassy seas though, and have beeen conducting research into the behavior of By The Wind Sailors (a type of floating jellyfish), and schools of young flying fish. These small fry are about one or two inches long, and are just learning to use their wings. No doubt they are encouraged in their flying lessons by the schools of larger fish (they look like albacore), who can be seen splashing about behind us.
One of our sailing companions ghosted by to get her picture taken. The attached photo is Tiki J. She is slowly drifting towards Hawaii, slightly faster than VALIS, but still within a mile now.
This could get tedious…
-Paul / VALIS

Tiki J (Small).JPG

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