VALIS Evening Report – July 7

Good evening from VALIS, on our third day of the Pacific Cup.
Conditions have greatly improved, and we are sailing comfortablyat about six kts with of 10 kts from the south, in moderate seas. All crew is well, and we are generally having a great time. We’ve still got Coyote on the horizon, and we had a nice VHF chat with them about some software (that’s what sailing is about these days — software!)
At 5:00PM we conducted the Children’s Hour radio net. Compared to yesterday, the fleet was positively talkative. We gave the fleet standings, and welcomed the Division C racers, hearing about their windy start. Of course, once they cleared Point Bonita they hit the light stuff!
We then discussed marine mammal sightings. On VALIS we spotted a spouting whale mid-day, but that was nothing compared to some others: Tiki Blue was rushed by a pod of whales,and had to alter course as they dove underneath her hull. Prankster had six large whales pay a visit. Trial Run reported three whales. Plus 16 saw two spouts. Nozomi had two fin whales breech and dive nearby, and were surrounded bya pod of “thousands of Right Dolphins” for several hours!
Then we traded seasickness stories. Nothing too out of the ordinary was reported.
Victoria confirmed that she was forced to motor last night, in order to avoid a collision with a drifting freighter. I’m pretty sure that Victoria was otherwise drifting too (we were at that time), and even though the freighter requested that Victoria motor clear, She is taking a one-hour penalty.
We’ve just had dimmer (port fried rice and Mongolian beef), and are getting ready for night sailing.
Until tomorrow, Paul / VALIS

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