Live From The Field

We are close VALIS fans…like 25 nm to the Strait, 93 nm to Friday Harbor. Mountains off to the right. A swarm of fishing boats and tonnage in front of us. We have at least 12 targets on our AIS screen. The alarm is keeping us well advised of vessels near rather than far. None since daylight any closer than 5 nm. But before daylight? Oh howdy, we had the entire PNW fishing fleet off our bow to stern all on the starboard side of the boat. Cleared one by 4 nm, another by 3 nm and the third we altered course 3 times to clear her by 2 nm.
We contacted Tofino Traffic and advise them of our approach and intentions for entering the straight. They see VALIS on their screen and our plan to take Buoy 2D to port and continue on south of the inbound traffic lane is a good one.
We were motor-sailing since 22:10 HST last night. Gave sailing again a try at 0700 HST, packed it in after a half hour. The sea state is like a mill pond, very leadened and the sort of conditions where you can’t tell where the water ends and sky begins on the horizon. Good for spotting wildlife…no whates yet, but dall porpoises, a couple of sunfish (weird critters), a puffin, Laysan albatross and seals…Oh, and more Vellela. Crew got to see one up close as it landed in the cockpit when it was rough going the other night.
We received an email from Back Bay, advising us that they are headed down the Strait toward their home in Anacortes. The Back Bay crew thanked VALIS for keeping in touch during their voyage and passing on tips here and there.
Now for some boat business…
Batts being totally refreshed as we motor-sail. Position 48*13′N 125*16′W…heading 045*m…SOG 6.3 knots (with current assist)…winds nill…sea state flat calm. Engine oil checked…remaining fuel will be dumped into fuel tanks when there’s room :-)
BTW, no cell reception yet…we keep trying.
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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