Aug14 PM Log

Ahoy VALIS Fans…we are 99 nm from buoy 2D at the entrance to the Strait, and 164 nm from Friday Harbor.
Batts @ 12.45v, 72% charged Our position WSW of the Strait is 47*32′N 126*52′W…heading 040…SOG 6.5 knots…seas calm will a gentle swell on the beam giving us an occasional push forward toward home. Sky overcast, no fog.
The crew had bacon-flavored Spam with their scrambled eggs this morning. No leftovers either. The galley turned into a bit of a mess. A skillet full of yet-to-be-scrambled eggs went flying (the eggs, not the skillet). Stove and oven have never been so clean :-)
One ship today, 10 nm off our port beam…a tanker headed to Barbers Point, Oahu, HI.
That is all.
VALIS, out…

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  1. Anne says:

    Ahoy, Valis! I hope you are not getting the rain we are experiencing in Victoria. Can hardly wait to see you safely landed!

  2. Other Paul says:

    I’ve seen that galley pretty clean, but if #3 attacked the mess, I have no doubt it’s now the world’s first certified clean room afloat. Keep up the good work guys. Almost home!

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