Saturday, July 17

We’re getting close! It’s about 335 miles to Kaneohe, which makes a Monday evening arrival a distinct possibility. It might be Tuesday if we get lighter winds as we approach the finish.
Conditions are great. We’ve had sunny skies, good wind, and nice waves for most of the day. Music filled the cockpit again, and we are really enjoying the good sailing.
Last night we had mahi-mahi tacos, and tonight we ate nice salad followed by pulled-pork burritos. Very tasty!
The race is starting to wind down. A handful of the faster boats have already finished, and more are quickly approaching the line. The radio net, which had been quite busy, is beginning to suffer from attrition as the boats finish. Once VALIS reaches port the net will be run from the Kaneohe Yacht Club’s radio shack.
The VALIS crew is well, and in good spirits, but each of us feels the anticipation in a different way. A long passage such as this has many transitions, and we are now in the final phase before reaching land.
Aloha, Paul / VALS

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