Friday, July 16

Blog posts aren’t going through for some arcane reason. Here’s a simple one, let’s see how this works.
We’ve been sailing directly towards Hawaii for the past few days. Conditions have been great, and with the exception of a “spinnaker event” yesterday that resulted in the snapping of a carbon-fiber spinnaker pole, we have made decent time. We have been mostly flying the main and genoa “wing and wing”, with the genoa poled out. This isn’t as fast as with the spinnaker, but with winds strong enough to drive us past hull-speed there isn’t a lot to be gained with the spinnaker.
Yesterday we caught a very nice 37″ mahi-mahi, which quickly turned into a fish taco dinner. Around sunset we were passed at high speed by “Mega Hurts”, flying her spinnaker and looking good. Later we learned that she soon after crashed and ruined that kite.
This morning the hook went in the water soon after sunrise and within fifteen minutes Tirso was hauling in a small mahi-mahi. This slipped off the hook, which was fine with us. Not long after the line was back in the waterthe call went out: Fish On! Again, Tirso pulled it in, and again it slipped off.
The third time was the charm, and we were soon enjoying a great fish taco dinner, prepared by Rich.
This evening we continue to Kaneohe. The wind and our speed have fallen somewhat, but we remain on course and are in great spirits. The sun has been out most of the day and it has been spectacular.
Aloha, Paul / VALIS

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