VALIS Hawaii 2003 in Google Earth


I have been playing with Google Earth, which is an incredibly cool program for exploring the earth via satellite and other photos, elevation databases, geopolitical info, etc, etc, all in a very easy to use package. I have created a tour based on the 2003 VALIS voyage to Hawaii and back which you might find interesting. The way it works is:

1) Go to the sailvalis website

2) If you don’t already have it, download and install Google Earth (the free version is just fine). There is a link on the Sailvalis page.

3) Download the file. You can save it, or just open it directly (which will start the Google Earth program).

4) Once Google Earth is running, Open the VALIS-Hawaii-2003.kmz folder, which is in the GoogleEarth “Temporary Places” folder

5) Select (click) and open the underlying VALIS-Hawaii-2003 folder

6) You can start running the tour, or you can explore the placemarks. Look for the “start” arrow at the bottom of the “Places” window

Let me know if you need help, but it is pretty intuitive.

Warning: It is 2:50 AM here. Google Earth is just that addictive.

Paul Elliott

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