Sailing on the Bay

Yesterday Mary, Edward Killeen, and I took VALIS out for a sail on the bay.  At first it looked like the fog was going to be hanging around, but as we left the slip the sky began to clear and we had nice warm day.  The wind started out light, but once we got out of Sausalito it picked up to around 20 kts.  We sailed around Angel Island, then after completing our circumnavigation we headed out to the City waterfront, reefed down a bit, sailed under the Bay Bridge, unreefed, and finally to Pac Bell Park.  Turning around, we had lunch while we were ghosting back under the Bay Bridge into the central bay.  We sailed between Alcatraz and Angel Island, reefing again, then as we were entering the Sausalito channel the wind died completely.  We furled sails and motored back to our slip, washed down the boat, then went out for dinner.

It was a very enjoyable day on the bay.  Good weather, not crowded, good conversation, and a nice range of conditions.

Here is a short video clip of us sailing towards San Francisco: VALIS Aug 26

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