Off to Hawaii

..very slowly.
It is just after 8:00PM PDT, and I have come off watch. The Pacific Cup race started with a bang (literally) when the starting gun fired and our division (div A) crossed the starting line. We had great windspeed and direction as we headed under the Golden Gate Bridge and out to sea. Out stratgey is (was) to head west towards the predicted favorable winds, and that is what we did, for a while. As we approached the Farallons, the wind began to go light, and at the moment our speed is only about three knots, and our course is mostly south, with just enough westing thrown in to keep us on this tack.
Going slow has its compensations, though. For the last hour a whale has been keeping us company, breaching, sounding, and occasionally poking its head up to look us over. As it ducks its head back under the water it gives us a wave with its fins. We often hear the whale before we see it, breathing loudly and occasionally spouting.
Until tomorrow, and hoping for wind,


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