July 27 at Sea

Today we continue to sail just a little west of due north, towards the Pacific High (a moving target to be sure). Our speed is typically 6+ knots, and the seas have calmed from yesterday. Our position at 1:40 PM PDT is latitude 25deg 45min N, longitude 158deg 18min W.
Last night we reefed the main and genoa, since we were pounding into the swells and heeling a bit more than we liked. Reducing sail put VALIS more “on her feet”, and only diminished her speed a small amount. This morning the wind and seas lightened, so we are once again under full sail.
Yesterday, Phil put out the fishing line. It trailed astern for quite a while, but finally in the late afternoon he had a bite. This was a large fish, and Phil valiently brought it in to where we could just get a glimpse of it before it slipped off the hook. We pulled the line in for the evening, but it is once again in the water, and we hope it will bring us our dinner.
Attached is a photo of the crew as we were preparing to leave Kaneohe Bay (photo taken by “Stray Cat Blues’)
Left to right: Davey, Paul, Phil, John.


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