Some Boats in Trouble, VALIS OK

Good morning from VALIS, heading north.
Yesterday we learned that “Mureadritta’s XL”, one of the Pacific Cup sailboats heading home, was sunk by a whale — the crew is all safe and aboard a fishing boat which is taking them back to Hawaii. The sinking took place about 200 miles north and slightly east of our current position. I have included the email message about the sinking that was sent to the Pacific Cup. We heard on the evening radio net that they got between a whale calf and it’s mother.
Also, Contessa, a boat from the race that left for home on Monday, has turned back to Hawaii with generator and watermaker failure.
Rest assured that we are all well on VALIS and everything is looking good for our passage to San Francisco.
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 10:55 AM
To: PCYCboard; Pcyc_Committees
I just got a call from Antony Barran. XL (Class D) was holed forward of
the chainplates and sunk by a whale at 26-10, 156. He got a call from
the Coast Guard an hour ago saying EPIRB had gone off, then 15 min later
a sat phone call from the life raft. Delivery crew is his Dad (Nick), a
friend, an Eagle Scout who wanted to make the delivery and a woman,
whose connection I don’t recall. All are OK with sufficient supplies.
Coast Guard plane is on the way. Antony called from airport en route to

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