Coming Home

We are under sail and heading for home. Valis and her crew left Kaneohe Bay Tuesday at 6:45 PM PDT, along with the sailboat “Stray Cat Blues”. We are now about ten miles north of Kaneohe Bay, heading due north (magnetic), under full sail and with the Monitor windvane steering. Stray Cat Blues is heading a bit to the east, and has faded from view.
We are traveling at about 5-6 knots, close-hauled, and heeling 15 to 20 degrees. The swells are moderate. As you may know, Hurricane Daniel is heading towards Hawaii, but it is weakening, and we will be well north of it’s effects by the time it approaches the islands.
Our crew on the return is Paul Elliott, John Clinton, Ed Littman, and Davey Glanders (Davey was race crew on the boat “California Girl”, but we persuaded him to help us bring VALIS back).
There is a radio net set for the returning Pacific Cup boats, and we plan to participate. Our positions should be reported on the Pacific Cup website, but we will still report in to “Yotreps” as before.
Aloha Hawaii, Hello San Francisco!

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