Report from VALIS – July 15

July 15

Hi Folks
For Your Information – We take navigation measurements at Noon each day during this trip to Hawaii. They are the distance traveled in the 24 hours from noon one day to the previous day. This is measured in two ways. 1. The Log, a little paddle wheel that spins around as the boat moves through the water. 2. The GPS, the distance between two(2)
Latitude and Longitude points as measured by the GPS on the surface of the earth. These are measured in NM= nautical mile which is a little bit longer than a mile as you know it. The Log measurement is usually greater than the GPS because it also measures the additional distance traveled up and down over waves. So the greater the difference between the two the larger or more the seas we traveled over.

7/14 just after Noon – Lat. 32deg’s 51.3′ Long. 126deg’s 21.9′ LOG = 208 NM GPS = 187.4 NM

The skies were cloudy in the afternoon so the three 100 watt solar panels did not charge the batteries as much as it could have. Winds are blowing 15 to 20 kts from the north/northwest 7/15 just after noon – Lat. 30deg’s 59.55′ Long. 128deg’s 51.04′ LOG =
195 NM GPS = 168.7 NM

Skies continued to be cloud/overcast this morning. Winds were a little lighter 15 kts and shifted more NW during the night.

So enough of the boring navigation. It seems the Daniel and Andrew go out for Starbucks coffee every morning. We are not sure yet where they go to get it, but it gets their “engines” going in the morning. We have decided by democratic vote to hold 3 hour watches. Andrew, Daniel, Jim then Paul. We rotate by one watch each evening. Tonight it will be Paul’s turn to start the 8pm – 11pm watch, Andrew from 11 – 2, Daniel from 2 – 5 and Jim from 5 – 8. The 5 – 8 watch is great, you get to see the sun come up. Andrew & Daniel go out for Starbucks, the day starts with a late breakfast. Then its back to power naps, book reading, taking navigation measurements, more power naps, food. etc.

Today, as the winds had dropped a little, we decided to fly the asymmetric spinnaker, however, after getting everything ready to raise the sail, the wind came up again, so decided to continue on Staysail and Jib. we did raise the mainsail to the first reef point. Our speed thru’ the water is about 8+ knots now. Jim & Paul decided to remove the anchor from the bow. Its not needed out here as we don’t have enough anchor line to reach the sea floor!! Quite a site watching these two man mountains move this very heavy object along a pitching deck. Currently Paul & Jim are tweaking the Monitor Windvane blocks to make the lines running from the wheel to the Monitor go in a better line. This will ease the line tension and any possibility of chafing the lines.

Jim is currently tempting all the crew with CHOCOLATE. You just don’t know what’s coming next. After last night’s temptations of smoked salmon, Brie, Cheddar and crackers, followed by a salad and poached salmon. Who knows what is to follow?? It’s 5pm now, and the call for “What’s for Dinner” has gone out.

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