Cayenne Renders Assistance to Tiburon

Last night we got word via satphone that Pac Cup racer “Tiburon” had lost their rudder. They were taking on a small, managable, amount of water, and were using a drogue to steer. They were not in immediate danger, but they probably did not have sufficient water to last them while they sailed / drifted to Hawaii.
The assistance efforts were being coordinated from shore, but we did offer to help if we could. Tiburon was about 90 miles east and south of us, so it would have been a long upwind sail for us. We put out a call on the VHF, raising Hana Ho, but they were even further from Tiburon than us. We also called into the Vic-Maui evening radio net and reported Tiburon’s situation.
Fortunately, other boats were in the vicinity, heading towards Tiburon. Cayenne was the best-positioned, or at least the most-easily contacted. This morning at radio Roll Call, Cayenne called in with the good news that they had reached Tiburon and were giving them their emergency rudder and water. The rudder will help them get to Hawaii sooner, probably before their drinking water runs out. Cayenne will be staying with Tiburon while they get things sorted out.
Good luck, Tiburon, and great job Cayenne!
Best, Paul / VALIS

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