Tuesday, July 15 — 3:15 PM PDT Lat 31d 17m N, Lon 141d 56m W — Halfway between San Francisco and Kaneohe Bay.
Our first clue was the VALIS Tiki Drummer. His spontaneous outburst interrupted our steering, slumber, cooking, etc, and the infectious rhythm soon had the entire crew jumping in time to primitive music. A quick study of the charts soon revealed the reason — we had crossed the halfway point! Tradition requires that a party be held, and gifts distributed. As usual, Rich passed out uncountable varities of “bacon” flavored foodstuffs, room “fresheners”, and the like. The delicious stench <<<<<< aroma is overwhelming. A friendly hint — don't try the bacon jellybeans.
Gifts for the rest of the crew had been smuggled aboard — these were located and passed out. Some items were shared, and others held in secrecy, at least for now. While all this was going on, the Brian Setzer Orchestra played big-band music over the speakers. Definitely an event to be remembered fondly.
With luck, the second half of our voyage won't take as long as out first! We now have 1025 miles to go before we cross the finish line. Estimates disagree, but the wind looks much more favorable for our downhill run.
In other halfway-related news, just after noon we were hailed on the VHF by Pac Cup doublehanded boat "Bladerunner". They were in the middle of their halfway party, and wanted to share the news. We were the closest boat so had a very nice chat with Ward and Andy. They told about their halfway gift of an experimental beer-cooler fashioned from a can of compressed air and a tupperware container. Cold beer was not produced, but the explosion had them convulsing in laughter.
Also, last night we saw the masthead lights of Vic-Maui boat "Family Affair" as she made her way to Lahaina. Halfway to Hawaii is a strangely crowded place right now.
We are currently sailing at 8.5 kts on a course of about 240 deg magnetic. This is a bit north of our desired line to Oahu, but we will adjust as needed. Sailing to Hawaii on the sunshine!
Regards, Paul / VALIS

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