Saturday, July 12

July 12, 4:45 PDT Lat 32d 32m N, Lon 134d 23m W Speed 3 kts, Course 205 deg magnetic.
It’s been a slow day here aboard VALIS, but we’ve had sunshine, and have been flying the spinnaker in gentle winds. There are occasional rain showers, with accompanying wind shifts, and we’ve just completed a spinnaker jibe to take us back on course (or close to it).
Today was relaxing, with several of the crew washing up on deck while we listened to to music on the cockpit speakers and enjoyed the blue ocean and white clouds.
We’ve held our own in the race, and seem to have picked up a few positions — we’re currently fourth in our division. Of course these rankings are pretty meaningless this early in the race. Still, it’s fun to play with the numbers.
Tonight we eat lasagna and Caesar Salad — it smells great!
Regards, Paul / VALIS

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  1. Tim says:

    You’re only 60 miles east of the Vic Maui J160 “Jam”. The two fleets have converged just ahead and to windward. It must be hard work trying to keep the boat moving in the light air. I hope the wind fills in for you soon.

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