One Last Night on the Ocean?

Date: Tuesday, Aug 21 Time: 6:10 PM PDT Latitude 48d 10m N, Longitude 127d 26m W Course 062 d magnetic, Speed 7.2 kts.
By this time tomorrow, we will be in (or at least approaching closely) the Strait of Juan de Fuca. From there it’s about 85 miles to our first stop in Friday Harbor, so a Thursday daylight arrival seems likely for VALIS.
The wind today has been a little light, with periods of clouds and light rain, interspersed with areas of extremely light wind. We can usually sail through these patches, but we did spend a half-hour motoring through one particularly troublesome bit of dead air. Otherwise, the wind has been about ten knots on the port quarter (behind and to the left), and we have been moving at 4-6 knots towards the Strait. Tomorrow promises to be similar, but with perhaps slightly more wind.
Last night we were treated to a starry sky, and the appearance once more of the moon, just after sunset, it’s thin crescent sinking into our wake as we sail East-North-East. We’ve had only normal meteor activity, but even these occasional flashes of fire can be spectacular. One in particular streaked from to horizon to horizon, leaving a vivid trail.
Dinner was a delicious chicken curry, prepared by Lin, and greatly appreciated by all. Nicole and Jenta took the opportunity to present me with some much-needed pieces of safety gear: an attractive aluminum-foil helmet (to shield me from the mind-control rays I’ve been complaining about), and a sharp-looking face mask (essential to avoid zombie-virus infection once we reach land). We’re pretty sure that much has changed in the world since we left Hawaii, and it’s good to be prepared!
Regards, Paul / VALIS

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