Wind Shift

Aug 17, 4:30 PM PDT Position 45d 50m N, 140d 53m W Course 050d mag, Speed 6.2 kt
This morning the wind shifted, as forecast, from the south to the north-north west. During the slow transition we always had enough wind speed to keep sailing, but it was slow going for a few hours. Now, instead of running deep with the wind behind us, we are sailing on port tack, with the wind well forward of the beam. We expect to be on this tack all the way to the Strait of Juan de Fuca (we are now 700 miles from that waypoint).
Last night was colder than the previous one, and we are all wearing warm clothes even during the day. During the moonless night the ocean phosphorescence is quite striking, and it is easy to be hypnotized my the fiery trail streaming from our rudder. During the evening watches we were entertained by two small dark birds (named “Frenchie” and “Reggie” by the crew). They flew through the rigging and over our heads, constantly chirping and squawking to each other. By first light they were gone.
Today the sky has been covered all day by a low overcast. It’s been dry, but the spindrift from our bow wave more than compensates.
Looking forward to coming home, Best wishes, Paul / VALIS

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