Aug 16 – Speeding for Home

Aug 16, 7:15 PM PDT: Lat 45d 05m N, Lon 143d 38m W (about 820 miles west of the Oregon coast, at the latitude of Salem). We have 800 miles to go ’til the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and about another 80 miles after that to Friday Harbor. Our course is 070d magnetic, and our speed is about 7.8 kts.
The sailing has been great all day. Late last evening and this morning we were in some moderately dense fog. We could occasionally see the stars dimly, but our visual horizon was less than one mile. We are in the shipping lanes, and we passed by several ships, the closest approach being about two miles. Using our AIS and radar made this much less stressful. Since around noon, the sun has been out and the horizon clear.
It is definitely getting cooler, especially during the night watches. We are wearing thermal layers, and our full foul weather gear. There’s been no rain, and except during the foggy patches, the air has been dry. The boat is actually more pleasant down below, since it gets a bit hot, humid, and stuffy when sailing in the tropics. We are using blankets or sleeping bags though…
This is fish taco night! Rich usually makes these with Mahi-Mahi, but I know from personal experience that his tuna version is equally delicious.
We expect the wind to go light tomorrow, and shift from the southerlies we are currently enjoying to a more typical northerly. As our course will be largely due east, these new winds will be just fine. We are counting the miles and days to our arrival.
Regards, Paul / VALIS

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