Tuna For Dinner!

4:35 PM, PDT Position: 43d 38m N, 146d 29m W Course: 010d mag, Speed: 5.5 kts
We put out the fishing line this morning (using the cedar plug lure), reconnected the Monitor self-steering windvane, turned of the electronic autopilot, and sat back to enjoy the beautiful morning. We’ve still got clear sky with occasional bands of high clouds, easy seas, and decent wind from astern. The temperature is definitely dropping, and we will be donning thermals for our future evening watches.
After the hook had been in the water for about an hour, I looked back and noticed that there seemed to be more tension on the line. I easily pulled in the line hand-over-hand, and discovered that a medium-sized tuna was attached. It wasn’t putting up much of a fight (it had probably been towed for a while). We brought it on board, gave it a stiff dose of vodka in the gills to knock it out, and after some prep work Rich turned it into three one-gallon zip-loc bags full of steaks.
We will probably be having baked tuna for dinner, and of course fish tacos. There’s enough to last for at least two days.
We are about to break through the 1000-mile barrier (currently 1016 miles to go), and we are eagerly anticipating our arrival in port.
Best Wishes, Paul / VALIS

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