This morning around 7:30 AM PDT VALIS crossed the halfway point. By other ways of calculating we crossed it some time last night, but regardless, we now have fewer than 1160 miles to go before we reach Friday Harbor.
We will actually sail further than that, since our planned route takes us north before we turn east for the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but this milestone roused our Tiki Drummer mascot, who woke up all the off-watch sleepers. Clapping and dancing ensued, Rich brought out his halfway treats, Nicole opened a gift from a friend, and general gladness abounded.
As a special treat, Jenta and Nicole prepared a surprise breakfast of peach pancakes! We all enjoyed this delicious meal in the cockpit under warm and sunny skies. This was a very nice way to celebrate the first half of our trip.
After breakfast, Rich put out the fishing line again. There are still no finny takers, but with our sure-fire cedar plug lure it can’t be much longer before lunch and dinner is on the hook.
We’ve had an albatross come visiting us for several days now. We suspect he is checking out the returning Pac Cup fleet. He circles our boat a few times, then flies off.
Our northerly route is still looking good. We sailed through the night with no drama, and are making good time. The forecast shows usable winds ahead.
At 4:00PM PDT our position is 41d 33m N, 147d 57m W. Course: 010, speed: 6 kts.
Regards, Paul / VALIS

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